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JAMS CAKES have been making amazing birthday cakes and gorgeous wedding cakes for years. In our Wolverhampton cake shop you will find on display various cakes we can and have done before. At our Wolverhampton cake shop Dudley Road we also sell fresh cream cakes to go – freshly baked in house. We are the only cake shop in Wolverhampton who can supply egg and eggless cakes in either fresh cream and icing. Please feel free to visit our cake shop on Dudley Road, Wolverhampton for more information, or to book a birthday cake please give us a call on 01902 475267 or 07494 343405, alternatively please email us on info@jams-cakes.co.uk. We can discuss your requirements and make sure the cake you are looking for is exactly what you get. To make things easier and reduce cash handling we also accept all methods of card and contactless payment over the phone or instore

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All birthday cakes are made in house, from baking to collection it is all done in our Wolverhampton cake shop, here we also supply egg and eggless cakes from the shop. All birthday cakes that are icing cakes will need to be pre-ordered atleast 1 week in advance. Fresh cream cakes are available at short notice and you are also able to purchase cakes from our cake shop in Wolverhampton display where we prepare daily egg and eggless fresh cream cakes and fresh cake slices. We specialise in all sorts of novelty birthday cakes like, frozen cakes, unicorn cakes, avengers cakes, spiderman cakes, princess cakes, cartoon cakes, mickey mouse cakes, disney cakes, figure cakes, xbox cakes, playstation cakes, shopping cakes, shopping bag cakes, number cakes, 1 tier cakes, 2 tier cake, 3 tier cakes, 4 tier cakes etc. We also make fresh cream slices and buttercream cupcakes. You can find more information at our cake shop on Dudley road, Wolverhampton. If you are planning a wedding and want to discuss your requirments and design, please do not hesitate to call in for a consultation and we can help create the perfect wedding cake you want. Our shop in Wolverhampton will have the answer to anything you need for a cake. We look forward to hearing from you.

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